Fraudsters claiming to be from BT

Some BT customers are being contacted by individuals fraudulently claiming to be from BT or acting on behalf of BT.
Please be very careful as criminals have been trying to trick customers into giving out their bank details.

• They might try to convince you that you owe money on your bill and threaten to disconnect your phone line immediately if you don’t pay them over the phone. BT will never disconnect a phone line during the call
• They might say that you have a fault or virus on your computer and then try to scare you by suggesting that your computer will stop working if you don’t take action. They then try to persuade or coerce you into installing software, or ask you to perform commands on your computer with the intention of gaining remote access to your device
These fraudsters ‘spoof’ the number they’re calling from so if you dial 1471 you might see a fictitious number that masks the real destination. They may also offer you a call-back number to confirm the legitimacy of their call and will then answer as if you’re calling BT.

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a phone scam or are concerned about the security of your accounts, please see BT Scams advice to see who to contact.

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