How Coronavirus is Affecting You – EU Research Project

Edinburgh University’s Generation Scotland team and network are urgently researching the effect the Covid-19 situation – and the government’s policies regarding it – are having on the lives of people in the U.K., and, importantly, who is being affected.

It is a major survey of which interim results are already beginning to have an impact at national policy level in Scotland.

From the survey information: ‘We’d like to invite you to take part in a research project about how coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting you and your life. We’re interested in how it has made you feel, and how it’s affecting your health and well-being, your social and home life, and your employment. If you’re interested in taking part, please read on. The survey will start if you complete the consent form and agree to take part.’ ‘This survey will take about 30 minutes to complete.’

The CovidLife survey can be found here


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