ELC Land Management Rules Consultation

East Lothian Council intends making Land Management Rules for the Council’s Countryside sites, Parks, Nature Reserves & Greenspaces. These look to address growing concerns about the use of East Lothian outdoor spaces following the changing ways we are all using these spaces in light of the ongoing pandemic.

East Lothian Council is committed to ensuring all residents, visitors and users of our green spaces can continue to enjoy these areas. These new rules are designed to give our countryside rangers and wardens the confidence and scope to keep all users safe, while ensuring that all users are aware not only of what is expected of them while in our green spaces, but also of the consequences for those who do not respect our green spaces and or repeatedly use these spaces irresponsibly and without consideration for others.

The proposals are outlined in the ‘Draft Land Management Rules’. Please read this file before answering the survey questions.

ELC invite all those with an interest in East Lothian green spaces, parks, nature reserves and countryside sites to comment on these proposed rules.