Avoid Financial Fraud – Stop – Hang Up – Call 159

Stop Scams UK and Global Cyber Alliance have launched the UK-wide 159 call service, which is designed to guarantee consumers a safe route to contacting their banks.

The scheme is urging people to “stop, hang up and call 159” to check calls are for real. The idea is to help those who believe they have been contacted by scammers claiming to be their bank, or by fraudsters who encourage them to transfer money.

Currently, banks that cover over 70% of UK current account customers are signed up to the scheme at launch, although more are expected to follow. Here’s a table detailing the firms currently taking part :-

Bank of Scotland
Lloyds Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland
Starling Bank
Ulster Bank

You can call 159 if you’re a customer of most major telecoms firms
The majority of telecoms firms are participating in the scheme, which enables you to call 159 from handsets and landlines if you’re a customer. Here are the firms taking part :-

BT (including EE and Plusnet)
O2 (including Giffgaff)
Virgin Media

Call 159 if you encounter the following:

  • Someone contacts you claiming to be from your bank – even if they do not seem suspicious.
  • You are contacted by someone claiming to be an authority figure (such as the police) and told to transfer money – even if the request seems genuine.
  • You receive a call about a financial matter and it appears suspicious.