COVID-19 Ventilation Advice for Everyone

Last updated: April 2021

Please remember, COVID-19 doesn’t take a break and the risks of infection remain. An infected person releases particles into the air when breathing, coughing or speaking – the risk of infection is greater indoors.

Meet outside where possible – The risk of infection is reduced as the air dilutes the particles and moves them away from others.

If other people (workers, or friends / family) are coming in to your home,open windows or vents in that room – Open windows, doors and vents before, during and after visits at home. This removes infected particles from the air.

Let fresh air indoors – Letting fresh air indoors regularly throughout the day will dilute any infected particles and reduce the infection risk.

Avoid recirculating air – Avoid using ventilation systems which only recycle used air. Make sure that fresh air is introduced to all spaces.
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