Energy Networks – Torness Underground Cable

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is responsible for delivering a reliable, consistent and safe electricity supply to customers, often working at the request of key stakeholders and organisations. As the licensed Transmission Owner (TO) for Central and Southern Scotland they are responsible for maintaining our Transmission Network thus ensuring the reliable delivery of energy to homes and business across the country. They are shortly due to commence the replacement of a section of ageing underground cable which runs from Torness Power Station to Branxton Substation.
As part of their Stakeholder Engagement Strategy they are committed to liaising with the local community in an effort to inform them of any proposed activity which may have some form of impact. Part of this ongoing process is to provide information to the local elected members and representatives along with the wider community.
Preparatory work and mobilisation will commence 11 January 2016 with the programme of works scheduled to run through to completion in November 2016, barring any unforeseen developments. To progress the project as quickly as possible and reduce the term of impact on the community, they plan to work on a seven day basis.
There will be various stages to the project which includes the underground cable being replaced under the A1 – in order to safely complete this activity, Traffic Management Plans involving clear signage and as agreed with East Lothian Council Roads Department will be utilised. No road closure is planned to take place.
On the site compound being established as part of the early work, Prysmian Contractors intend to extend an invitation to community members to attend the site compound and be informed regarding the Project.

Iberdrola Engineering and Construction will project manage the delivery of the work and as mentioned above, Prysmian have been appointed as the principal contractor, both bringing with them a depth of experience.

SPEN would like to take the opportunity to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused to the local community and also to ensure you that all parties involved in the work will do the utmost to keep disruption to a minimum and complete the work as quickly as possible.
They also extend thanks for support for SPEN as they undertake this work in an effort to ensure the continued delivery of a reliable, consistent and safe electricity supply.

Should you require any further information please contact Karen MacGregor or Colin Wylie by e mail or alternatively on the following phone numbers – 0141 614 3231 or 07516 461129.

A community presentation on the works will take place on Thursday 25th February 2016 in Innerwick hall at 6:30pm. Further details can be found here.