TARMAC (A CRH Company)

Tarmac (formerly Lafarge Tarmac)  is Scotland’s only cement manufacturing operation. The Dunbar plant is one of East Lothian’s most enduring businesses and has helped build the equivalent of 6.5 million houses since it started operations under Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (and then Blue Circle Industries PLC) in 1963. The site at Oxwell Mains was chosen because it had the ideal proportions of shale and limestone for the production of cement.

The site has benefited from some £100m of investment since it was built, including a highly efficient kiln and preheater tower and the £20m gas scrubber built in 2007, which has halved sulphur and dust emissions. The Dunbar plant has made significant inroads into reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in recent years by sourcing 20 per cent of its power requirements from the methane produced by the neighbouring Viridor landfill site, maximising use of its own raw materials, shifting significant numbers of vehicle movements from road to rail and utilising increased levels of waste-derived fuels that leave no by-product.

Links with the Local Community

Tarmac Local Community Liaison Group reports that the company remains committed to open communications and lasting relationships with the local community, ensuring ongoing engagement and transparency within the Dunbar plants operations. Tarmac encourage comments/feedback on any issue or concerns the public may have.

Any comments/complaints/concerns regarding,for example, smells or environmental issues, should be forwarded to Environmental Coordinator Gale Coates on 01368 861363 or email gale.coates@lafargetarmac.com. These will be investigated as quickly as possible.