Polymer Recycling Facility

Valencia Waste Management Limited (formerly Viridor Waste Management) create a plastics recycling facility (PRF) beside the Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), which opened at Oxwellmains.

Early plans were submitted to East Lothian Council in February 2020, followed by a virtual public exhibition in April.

Planning permission would allow Viridor to build a PRF, which would return about 85,000 tonnes per year of plastics to be re-manufactured.

The proposed facility would receive “low-carbon heat and power” generated from the adjacent ERF plant and be made up of four main parts: plastics washing, plastics feed stock store, process building, and waste treatment and heat exchanger building.

Update October 2020

Proposals for the site have changed since the initial consultation in spring 2020, based on the feedback Viridor received from the local community. Concerns were expressed regarding the size of the facility and visibility of the vent, used to eliminate odour.
As a result Viridor have revised proposals to limit the need for washing plastics on-site. Receiving plastics at the site, pre-washed, has allowed the removal of the vent that was part of the original proposal, whilst also ensuring no odour will be emitted from the facility.

For further information please click to read the Revised proposed Polymers Recycling Facility Newsletter