The long-term nature of the offshore wind farm project means that this page may not be updated very frequently because there may be long intervals between fresh items of news becoming available, any fresh developments that do come to our attention will be recorded in this section of the website.

Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Ltd. is a subsidiary project company of Mainstream Renewable Power (UK) Ltd.  It is seeking consent to build and operate an offshore wind farm 15.5 km east of Fife Ness in the Firth of Forth, at a location known as Neart na Gaoithe (Gaelic for “might of the wind”)

The company is conducting a comprehensive consultation exercise that will continue through the whole project.  Among other aspects, this is looking at general environmental issues and the effects on wildlife.  Anyone who wishes to learn more about the project, comment on the information, or raise specific concerns is welcome to get in touch.

Contact details for the project are:

Zoe Crutchfield, Environmental and Consents Manager,

Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd.,

Abbey Business Centre  “The Beacon”,

176 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5SG

The maximum generating capacity of the Neart na Gaoithe installation will be 450 MW – enough to power 325,000 homes.  Depending on the rated capacity of the turbines eventually used on the site (between 3.6 and 6MW), the estimated number of turbines is between 50 and 130.  The turbines used are likely to be a conventional 3-bladed design standing between 133 and 190m above the sea surface to the tip of the blade.

The connection point into the National Grid offered to the company is at Crystal Rig II.  The likely landing point for the cable is at Torness with the offshore cable taking the most direct subsea route from the offshore substation to the landing point.  The intention is to bury the cable from the landing point to the substation at Crystal Rig II.

It is anticipated that the application for planning consent will be submitted towards the end of 2011. If consent is granted (towards the end of 2012), the construction work will start early in 2014 and is due to be completed by late 2015, with commissioning taking place towards the end of 2015.

The project was discussed at a meeting of the Community Council on May 10 2011, following an exhibition in Innerwick Village Hall – part of the consultation process.

It is believed that if the windfarm is given the go-ahead it will provide jobs and continuing maintenance and repair work for companies in and around Dunbar.

This is likely to be a very significant development for the Dunbar area and could involve some temporary minor disruption during the construction phase.

If you have any comments, queries, or concerns about the proposal, please contact one of your local community councillors, who will do his or her best to find any additional information you need, or get in touch with the company (contact details above).

Mainstream Renewable Power Onshore Works Torness August 2016

A discrete element of advance construction works will commence in August. This involves installing concrete blocks to house cable ducts underneath the location of the new Torness cables, which are currently being installed by Scottish Power Transmission (SPT), prior to the new Torness cables being installed.

The site of the works is immediately south of the A1 junction with the Torness Power Station (Grid reference – NT 74347 74503) and its current use is for arable agriculture. However, it should be noted that SPT have already fenced off the area and stripped the site of vegetation and topsoil in preparation for their cable installation work.

The works will start of August 1st and are expected to take no longer than one month and will take place between 08.00 and 18.00 Monday to Friday and 08.00 to 13.00 Saturday. Access to the site will be from the A1 and on to the unnamed road to the south of the site which leads to Innerwick. Vehicle movements are expected to be limited to eighteen deliveries over the duration of the works in addition to approximately six cars for workforce each day.

The main onshore construction works are not expected to commence until summer 2017 at the earliest.

There will be a representative from Mainstream on site at all times, but if you have any questions about the works, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Rosie Scurr, Environment Manager at Mainstream Renewables email or call 0141 206 3864

Mainstream Renewable Power Thorntonloch Beach Works                              – April/May 2013

Mainstream Renewable Power will be undertaking planned survey work at Thorntonloch Beach near Innerwick from Monday 29th April until Friday 3rd May and from Monday 13th May until Friday 17th May 2013.

The work is in relation to the route of an onshore, underground electricity cable connection from the proposed 450MW Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm to the National Grid.

The assessments will consist of soil and rock investigations and will require small sections of the beach to be sectioned off to the public for short periods of time during the survey works. It is envisaged that these areas will be around 30 square metres at a time.

The beach will remain open throughout the survey but these cordoned off sections will be in place to allow the works to be undertaken.

A limited amount of drilling will also be undertaken to take samples from a depth of around 15 metres. All sample areas will be fully restored on completion of the works.

Mainstream Renewable Power will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum during this period with the large majority of the beach still being available for public access and use.

If you have any questions regarding these works please contact Ewan Walker, Environment and Consents Manager, Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd, Abbey Business Centre, ‘The Beacon’, 176 St.Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5SG. Tel: 0141 249 6580 or email 

Mainstream Renewable Power Temporary Beach Works  –  For Information

Survey work being carried out by Mainstream Renewable Power at Thorntonloch Beach due for completion today (Friday 17th May) is being extended into next week to allow final sampling work to be completed.

The assessments are in relation to the route of an onshore underground electricity cable connection from the proposed Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm to the National Grid.

The beach remains open to the public with small sections cordoned off to allow the works to be undertaken.