Infrastructure event

East Lammermuir Community Council
Infrastructure event 25 April 2023
Innerwick Village Hall

Planning Objections


•To describe the range of work proposed over the coming decade, with an eye to the impact on local people

•To consider and commence appropriate liaison arrangements so that local people can plan ahead and feedback on their experience whilst the work is being done, in order to minimise negative impacts

•To hear ideas for additional legacy projects which could be put in place whilst the (electricity-related) work is done

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Contacts List:

DevelopmentCompanyContact details
Eastern Link / Oxwellmains Converter station / Branxton
Berwick Bank Landfall / Skateraw Converter StationSSEGary Donlin
Neart na Gaoithe  
Crystal Rig IV & Solar FarmFred Olsen RenewablesKirsty Leiper
Branxton Energy  Storage FacilityEast Coast Grid Services Ltd.  Steve Ruggi
Dunbar Battery Energy Storage SystemSirius Planning representing FRV PowertekDan Elvin
Decommissioning of
Newlands Hill Wind Energy HubBelltown PowerMatt Olley Sam McMillan
Oxwellmains LandfillValenciabe confirmed
Table of Developer Contact Details