Valencia Waste Management (formerly Viridor Waste Management)  operates the 193-acre landfill site approximately 4km south east of Dunbar. In addition to disposing of thousands of tons of solid domestic waste daily from Edinburgh and other nearby communities in a safe and environmental manner, Valencia uses two low-Btu gas generator sets to produce 3.5 MW of electricity from the methane created by decaying rubbish. All 3.5 MW is sold directly to the nearby Lafarge cement plant; and is connected by a 11kv transmission line.

As paper and other organic materials decompose in landfills, a natural by-product of that decay is methane — one of the major flammable components of natural gas. While this natural release of methane is dilute, it is a powerful greenhouse gas that can contribute to global warming. Harnessing this gas to produce electricity protects the environment while generating valuable energy.

Valencia Liaison Group Minutes (Energy Recovery Facility and Landfill Restoration)

January 2024

Report on August 2023 Fire Incident (obtained through an FOI request)


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