Windfarm Fund

The Fund

ELCC administer the allocation of funding for local community projects from Fred Olsen Renewables, operators of the Crystal Rig wind farms.  This currently amounts to £80,000 per year (from Crystal Rig 1 and 2). This is expected to increase to £137,000 once agreement over Crystal Rig 3 is finalised, then further increase once Crystal Rig 4 is commissioned. These sums vary annually in line with the Retail Price Index over the 25 year life of the wind farm schemes.

Any unspent part of one year’s allocation is carried forward into the following year. A small proportion  –  about £12,000 each year  –  is currently ring fenced for small applications.

The money is held by Fred Olsen Renewables (FOR) on our behalf. ELCC make recommendations to the Company as to which applications meet the criteria and should be funded. Final Approval lies with Fred Olsen Renewables.

Purpose of Fund

The Fund will focus on providing grants to community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, schools (for projects out-with the statutory responsibility of East Lothian Council) and social enterprises to support their activities within the East Lammermuir catchment area. Ideally, the Fund will support projects and infrastructure which promote the economic, social and/or environmental sustainability of the catchment area.

Discretionary consideration may also be given to other specific projects which may provide significant benefits to the residents of East Lammermuir.

Our aim in supporting applications is to encourage projects that make a significant difference and deliver a lasting legacy to the East Lammermuir communities of Innerwick, Oldhamstocks, Spott and Stenton and surrounding areas.

ELCC are keen to see the money shared as equally as possible among the four communities that make up the community council area.  However, this will ultimately depend on the numbers of applications received from and the size of grants awarded to each of those areas.

Currently, there is potential to “roll up” years of funding together to allow larger schemes within communities, or for one community to access the fund disproportionately in a particular year and not at all or for very little for several subsequent years.

Who can apply and when?

Groups and organisations working to benefit the people or the environment in the East Lammermuir catchment area can apply for a grant. Whilst the funding will be primarily focussed within East Lammermuir, consideration may be given to specific projects out-with the immediate East Lammermuir area where this has a positive impact to the local community.

The process and criteria for selecting schemes will be transparent and will continue to be promoted and managed primarily through the ELCC website. Applications will be considered twice per year (typically May and November). Local organisations, previously supported will be advised of the application deadline dates. Notification of the application deadline will also be displayed on each of the 4 village noticeboards.

The standard application form can be downloaded from the website on the page entitled “Apply for windfarm funding”. For those without computer access, a paper copy of the application form is available from ELCC councillors.