Dunbar Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

By 2035, the UK will be powered entirely by clean electricity, subject to security of supply. In order to meet this target set by the UK Government it needs to be underpinned by flexibility. BESS provide balancing services to maintain sufficient power on the ‘grid’ at times of high demand for electricity.

FRV TH Powertek – a leader in the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Planning Agent
Dan Elvin, Senior Planner, Sirius Planning.

FRV TH Powertek Limited is a platform developed to design, construct and operate a portfolio of battery energy storage system projects.

Developer of sustainable energy solutions, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, is a platform dedicated to designing, constructing and operating a portfolio of battery energy storage-system projects in the UK.

Battery Energy Storage projects play a critical role in ensuring a more stable and resilient electricity network with lower emissions.  A significant growth is expected in installed capacity of battery storage projects to keep the UK on track to meet its Net Zero targets for 2050.

“What we are building – and where.”

A 49.9MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is proposed, 850m at North Belton, (north of Pitcox and 3km south west of Dunbar);
52no. Battery Units (arranged in 26no. pairs), 52 inverters and 26 transformers plus 2 spare storage cabins (numbers TBC);
DNO substation compound and associated cabins; and Underground cable to the point of connection (substation immediately south of the site).

Construction access routes and volumes.

All construction traffic to approach from the A1 junction north east of the site. All traffic to turn left out of the site back towards the A1 junction. Volumes TBC.

When this will happen?

Surveys underway;
POAN and Scoping Request submitted 21st April 2023;
Consultation events proposed in June 2023;
Application to be submitted July 2023. Decision by Q4 2023;
Build out in 2026.