Newlands Hill Wind Energy Hub

Project Proposal

The site is located approximately 6km southeast of Gifford in East Lothian. The site is currently used as a managed grouse moor for shooting and sheep grazing.

In November 2021 a scoping request was submitted which comprised a layout of 23 turbines with tip heights varying from 180m to 230m. Following feedback from the public and statutory consultees we now believe that the project will comprise of up to 17 turbines with tip heights ranging from 180m to 200m. Our revised proposals include moving turbines outside the extent of the original scoping request and therefore we resubmitted a scoping request for the project in August 2022.

Summary of the Second Exhibition

The following in-person exhibitions as part of a second 2022 consultation event for the community to meet the project team and find out more.

Gifford Village Hall – Wednesday, 9 Nov, 2pm-8pm
Garvald Village Hall – Thursday, 10 Nov, 11am-3pm
Stenton Village Hall – Thursday, 10 Nov, 4pm-8pm
John Gray Centre, Haddington – Friday, 11 Nov, 10am-2pm

Get involved

Belltown Power recognise a fundamental part of good project development is early consultation to ensure local communities and stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback and are kept informed of a project’s progress.

The official feedback period for the second round of consultations has now ended, but if you have any questions, please email the team at

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