Moving Beyond Level 0

Level zero has ended with almost all of the remaining anti-Covid measures in Scotland now removed. On Saturday, The First Minister said that Scotland was in a “much better position” with Covid-19 than could have been expected at the start of summer, but she also urged Scots to “continue to take sensible precautions” despite many of the legal coronavirus rules being lifted. Continue reading “Moving Beyond Level 0”

Permanent drop-in Covid-19 vaccination clinic at East Lothian Community Hospital from 7th July

THE East Lothian Community Hospital will become a permanent drop-in Covid-19 vaccination clinic from today (Wednesday 7th July).

The Haddington facility will be open every day including weekends for all adults over 18.

It will be open 8.30am-12.30pm and 1.30-3.30pm.

Those with scheduled appointments and those without can all attend.

People still to receive their first dose can visit the clinic, as can those waiting for a second dose who received their first dose more than eight weeks ago.