National Social Care Service Consultation

The Scottish Government is consulting on proposals to take responsibility for all adult and children’s social care and social work services from local government and to create a National Care Service. You can take part in the consultation online by visiting A National Care Service for Scotland – Scottish Government – Citizen Space ( The deadline for responses to the consultation is 2nd November. Continue reading “National Social Care Service Consultation”

Police Scotland Introduce Lone Officer Verification Checks

Police Scotland is immediately introducing a simple officer verification process to provide reassurance to any member of the public who may be concerned about whether or not they are being spoken to by a genuine police officer working alone.

The move follows the understandable public concern surrounding the horrendous murder of Sarah Everard

On duty officers operating on their own will now proactively offer to carry out a verification check for anyone they come across who appears to be concerned for their safety. A member of the public can also request that a verification check be done.
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Avoid Financial Fraud – Stop – Hang Up – Call 159

Stop Scams UK and Global Cyber Alliance have launched the UK-wide 159 call service, which is designed to guarantee consumers a safe route to contacting their banks.

The scheme is urging people to “stop, hang up and call 159” to check calls are for real. The idea is to help those who believe they have been contacted by scammers claiming to be their bank, or by fraudsters who encourage them to transfer money.

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