COVID-19 Ventilation Advice for Everyone

Last updated: April 2021

Please remember, COVID-19 doesn’t take a break and the risks of infection remain. An infected person releases particles into the air when breathing, coughing or speaking – the risk of infection is greater indoors.

Meet outside where possible – The risk of infection is reduced as the air dilutes the particles and moves them away from others.

If other people (workers, or friends / family) are coming in to your home,open windows or vents in that room – Open windows, doors and vents before, during and after visits at home. This removes infected particles from the air.

Let fresh air indoors – Letting fresh air indoors regularly throughout the day will dilute any infected particles and reduce the infection risk.

Avoid recirculating air – Avoid using ventilation systems which only recycle used air. Make sure that fresh air is introduced to all spaces.

It’s easy to let fresh air in without losing heat – Opening the windows or vents, either narrowly for prolonged periods or fully in short bursts, is the easiest way to keep the fresh air flowing. If rooms cannot be adequately ventilated, then you should avoid using them.

Airing rooms is important – If you share a space with others, you should open the windows regularly, especially between users, to help reduce your risk of infection. Make sure that mechanical ventilation systems and/or extractor fans are used correctly.

And, always remember to follow FACTS:

Face coverings, Avoid crowds, Clean hands, Two meter distance, Self-isolate

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